Customized Housing and Helping Cost Reduction

TOK - one-way clutch

Customized housing and improving cost reduction

These are machine element components that lock up in one direction and allow free movement for the opposite direction. These clutches are used in a variety of industries, but most especially in paper-feed mechanisms of automated office equipment. We will build the housing as well in order to help you reduce the total costs.

Using our expertise with plastic ball bearing technology, we were able to develop and design these one-way clutches with features such as a built-in clutch element integrated into a molded design. We can apply this technology to your requirements and custom design a one-way clutch according to your specifications: gear, timing pully, cam, lever, etc. There are two basic types of one-way clutches available: TCM uses metal springs as the clutch element, and the TCX series, which uses plastic springs as the clutch element.
Primary applications are paper-feeding mechanisms in automated office equipment such as photocopiers, printers, and facsimile machines.

Copy machines, fax machines, printers, all-in-one office machines, packing machines, postage machines, bending machines, cash registers, blinds, and other feeding equipment for paper and tapes.

1. Wide range of various functions
2. Space saving compact design
3. Consistent and high clutching torque
4. Shaft with an integral formed bearing
5. Wide range of available shafts
6. Wide range of shaft materials

TOK - one-way clutch_mechanism