New Series Which Combine our Techniques and Create New Motion Never Before.

TOK has developed a new type of uni-directional clutch, named the SR2. The SR2 provides controlled motion to adjust height at any position. Through its inverse interrupting mechanism, this breakthrough technique conducts driving from the input shaft to the output shaft, and locks the input in place even if the drive is stopped. Thanks to this new mechanism, you can easily lift heavy objects and lock them precisely into position. This new control motion is perfect for applications such as adjustable tables, handicap sinks, and more.
TOK_unidirectional clutch

The closing speed of this damper can be easily adjusted to to its controlled closure damper torque. It creates a soft and light movement, and adds a luxurious feel to the motion. By controlling the closure speed of heavy loads, it prevents shutting on fingers or hands, adding an extra element of safety to your products. Its high durability is tried and true, with each damper having endured operational tests of 300,000 rotations.

Via its epoch-making internal structure, this detachable mechanism easily be operated with one hand, and released with a single push. It was developed to expand the possibilities of attachment mechanisms in various situations in daily applications, industrial products, or medical instruments