January 17, 2020 BLOG

What's One-way Clutch?


One-way clutch is machine element components that lock up in one direction and allow free movement for the opposite direction.

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November 19, 2019 BLOG

Bearing types : Grease less


In the previous blog, we introduced the types of bearings.
For example, bearings are used for drawers, it helps to move smoothly.

Today we would like to explain about the inner mechanism of bearing.

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July 25, 2019 BLOG

What's deep groove ball bearings?


The deep groove ball bearings are the most well-known bearings and which meet the requirements of high revolution and low noise.
These can be divided into 2 types of bearings: steel ones and plastic ones, and they can be used for several applications depending on the conditions.

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July 25, 2019 BLOG

Bearing types


Bearings are mechanical element located usually between a moving part and a stationary part.
For example, TOK's bearings are used for drawer of desk, refrigerator and sliding door etc.
Bearings can be sorted into 2 types: Sliding bearings and Rolling bearings.

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June 18, 2019 BLOG

Exclusive design for you


  Even if there is a product you expect in catalog, please contact us.
  TOK can customize the size of products whatever you want.

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June 5, 2019 BLOG

TOK rotary dampers behavior can be controlled


TOK rotary dampers provide you gentle movement to get safety and luxury.
Typically the damping behavior of dampers moves at constant velocity,
however TOK can customize the behavior based on your requirement.

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March 12, 2019 BLOG

Alternative product of Hysteresis Coupling


Hysteresis coupling is a mechanical product to transmit torque by using magnetic force.
For example, it would be used for packing machine and motor protect when over torque is loaded to.
However the hysteresis coupling might have disadvantage on cost-wise and dimension.

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Februaly 13, 2019 BLOG

What's TOK's bearing?


We receive most order plastic bearing in ball bearing series.
But, we have other material bearing.
For example, all stainless bearing, ceramic bearing, electrification prevention bearing and so on. 
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November 30, 2018 BLOG

Why Plastic bearing?

Plastic bearings have lots of advantages compared to steel bearings:
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October 12, 2018 BLOG

How to utilize TOK?

Regarding our product ratio, custom products account for over 70% of all products.
And we have an abundance of experiences for various markets, for example sanitary, home appliance, furniture, industry, automotive, duplicating machine etc.
For now we would like to introduce to you about “How to utilize TOK?”
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August 22, 2018 BLOG

Magnetic torque limiter

What is a magnetic torque limiter?
It generates torque from magnetic hysteresis resistance.
The magnet does not slide so magnetic torque limiter is more durable. Continue Reading

July 27, 2018 BLOG

Coil spring torque limiter

What is structure of coil spring torque limiter?
A coil spring is press-fitted in the sleeve, and when it turns, it slides and generates torque. The more it tightens a coil spring, the more it generates torque, but the more loosen coil springs, the lower it generates torque. Continue Reading

July 3, 2018 BLOG

What's torque limiter?

Torque limiter is a device that cuts off torque transmission when overload is applied. It is also called safety-clutch. By preventing excessive rotation of the spindle, it prevents damage to the driven shaft and related to equipment. Continue Reading

June 15, 2018 BLOG

TOK Exhibits at Manufacturing World Japan

We are excited to announce that TOK will exhibit at the 29th Manufacturing World Japan at Tokyo Big Sight from June 20th to 22nd. We will show our standard products like rotary dampers and bearings, and also our new developments SR2 and SRX! We are Continue Reading

June 13, 2018 BLOG

Characteristics of temperature and speed dependence

Oil dampers have characteristics of temperature and speed dependence.
In general, the viscosity of liquid changes greatly with temperature. Especially the viscosity of oil changes markedly as temperature changes. The viscosity decreases as the temperature rises and the viscosity rises as it goes down. This phenomenon is called temperature characteristic. Continue Reading

May 14, 2018 BLOG

Material of damper

PBT: Poly Butylene Terephthalate  PBT is tough, rigid and excellent in thermal aging resistance.
In addition, the electrical characteristics are great in a wide temperature range, the water absorbency is low, and weather resistance and chemical resistance are Continue Reading

April 23, 2018 BLOG

What's torque?

Torque is an instantaneous force that rotates an object around its rotary shaft. Torque expresses the necessary force when moving an object. For example, when riding a bicycle, Continue Reading

April 12, 2018 BLOG

Torque generation method

There are mainly 3 ways to generate torque with a damper. 1. Pressure : it moves like syringe 2. Sliding Resistance : friction movement 3. Shear Resistance : it moves like scissors Continue Reading

April 2, 2018 BLOG

What’s silicone oil?

TOK dampers are mostly filled with silicone oil. Silicone oil is colorless liquid and the most versatile product among silicone products. Continue Reading

March 23, 2018 BLOG

What's rotary damper?

Rotary damper is the mechanical parts to buffer the impact of the lid closing / opening. Rotary damper is effective for consistent motion, soft closing / opening, improved safety, and makes a product luxurious. Continue Reading

March 15, 2018 BLOG

TOK headquarter's office relocation

We are pleased to announce that effective from 20th March 2018, TOK headquarters in Japan will be relocated to new building as follows address, the main telephone and facsimile numbers remain unchanged. Continue Reading