A Variety of Designs to Meet a Variety of Applications

TOK - ball bearing

It’s been half a century since we developed the first plastic bearing in the industry. We are pleased to say that our bearings have been used by customers from a wide range of industries. To meet various demands, we provide various bearing materials, including POM (Polyacetal), PE(Polyethylene), PEEK (PolyEtherEther-Ketone), PVDF(Polyvinylidene fluoride), SUS(Stainless), and Ceramic for the following applications: Refrigerators, cabinets, copying machines, cash machines, registers, arcade machines, machine tools, etc.
With TOK’s over 75 years of expertise and proprietary experience in radial ball bearings, we can guarantee that your specific application will be fully met with our products. TOK can provide the outer races of the bearings in numerous configurations, and can use both standard and custom-designed bearings to meet your requirements. We would be happy to take your concept and specifications to design and manufacture a customized bearing for your needs.

TOK Series Purpose/Material
D series Standard Plastic Bearings (all POM), up to 20kg 
I series Heavy Duty Plastic Bearings (POM with Steel inner), up to 60kg
A series All Steel Bearings (SUJ2, STKM, SWCH), up to 80kg
DT series Steel Bearing with POM Outer race, up to 80kg
ER series Special Needs: Anti-Static Bearings
PE series Special Needs: Anti-Acid/Anti-Alkali Bearings
S series Special Needs: All Stainless Bearings
PK/PV series Special Needs: PEEK/PVDF Bearings
C series Special Needs: All Ceramic Bearings
K series Custom Desinged Bearings (varies material per request )