Engineer-To-Order products

Engineer-To-Order products are concept models that have been technically cleared in our R&D activities.
It fulfills high demands for creating more value for traditional applications.
We will set specific specifications according to customer requirements.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Small rotary damper CATALOG

✓ The small rotary dampers can be installed in a narrow space and facilitate slow-closing by controlling the speed when closing the covers.
✓ Despite the small size, this rotary damper is possible to generate 0.1Nm with two of them.
✓ The small rotary dampers have normal and hinge type shapes.

SR14 drawing - soft-close & quick-release system

SR14 - soft-close & quick-release system for toilet seats CATALOG

✓ This support part for TOK's rotary damper realizes the combination of soft-close & quick-release system.
✓ You can lock this system by inserting the pin and release the pin by pushing the button.
✓ It can be saved installation space with the most compact design among similar products in the market.
✓ SR14 can be combined with the O.D. Φ16mm of 
TD100 rotary damper.

SR14 drawing - soft-close & quick-release system



It has 5 times higher torque in comparison with TOK’s standard damper.

Torque is adjusted according to the movement speed of the object

Torque is adjusted according to the movement speed of the object

It produces stable movement regardless of an objects size/load

Application examples Sliding doors in hospitals:

A sliding door slams when closed using strong force. On the contrary, by using weak force the door is stopped before completely closing.
However, the Acceleration Detector Damper can solve such problems.
The closing speed can automatically be made uniform, regardless of the force used to close the sliding doors.

Torque adjustable to 15 different levels using a tuning dial.

Acceleration detector damper

Based on changes in the
contact area of a
“Main-rotor” and an
“Adjustment rotor”, the
torque fluctuates according
to the torque of the load.

Application examples: Sliding doors / Shutters

Rack & Pinion gear method
*Rotary damper without the gear is also available

SELF-STANDING DAMPER (Partial Rotation Damper)

The rotation of the damper is limited so that a lid can be held open at
an angle without any additional component parts. It can be designed
compactly and at the same dimensions as all existing TOK dampers.


Application examples

Toilet seat / Luxury box